Card games are numerous and varied, but there are still two main categories: complete sets of cards and board games based on traditional or specific cards to play. In this category, it’s your logic and your ability to anticipate that will be tested! Remember the long hours that you have perhaps placed in front of your computer to play Solitaire. This time is over because even if you want to find this game which followed you for years, there are lots of new card games with new principles. There are many games waiting for you!

Play Freecell Solitaire Classic! If you love card games, then you might have a good time. Put cards in the correct order as quickly as possible by alternating colors and values. In Freecell Solitaire Classic, you will see that the rules of the game are similar to the basic Freecell card game. Initially, the goal of the game is to find all the aces in eight stacks of cards to move into the cells of the aces. Subsequently, create four stacks of 13 cards in the cells of the ace by adding cards of the same suit and in ascending order.

You only have fifteen minutes and not one more to complete your game of Solitaire in Klondike Kings! This is a classic game, in which the rules are simple. You need to move the cards from one stack to another, alternating their value and their color. For example, in a 10 red, you will need to put a 9 black, then an 8 red, and so on. You also have a stack of cards that provide you with additional cards when you get stuck. If you make a mistake, remember that you can cancel some shots. Your final goal is to get rid of all the cards from the board.

Fan of card games? You will be served! Spend a relaxing time playing cards without headaches. Under the sun, take pleasure to challenge the computer and win all parties. Magic Card Saga is available online for free. The rules of the card game Magic Saga is similar to that of the classic solitaire. The goal is to win all the cards in the game. In order make the game more difficult, you can buy extras from the points you have earned. Of course, like any card game, you get a Joker. Know that you are free to choose the card that will serve you as the Joker. Now it’s time to play!

In Solitaire Ancient Egypt you will not build a house of cards, but destroy a pyramid of cards. Go to the area of the Pharaohs! The goal is fairly simple. You must clear the board of all its cards. For this, you get a score of 13 by combining two cards to eliminate them. For example, you can group a 9 with a 4 or a 6 with a 7. The King being equivalent to a 13, it does not need to be bundled with another card and can directly be ejected from the board. If you get stuck, draw cards in the stack named “more cards” or temporarily place a troublesome card on the “temp card store” location. Try to be fast, a countdown determines your bonus points.

To play alone or with others, there are hundreds of ways to have fun with cards. Discover them all with our selection of the best card games. You will necessarily find one that matches your desire of the moment. If you are an expert in cards or you are discovering this universe, you can start by the very solitary classic declined in a number of versions. Then, you can suggest your friends a little poker story to test your talent for bluffing. And if you’re looking for more original games inspired by the famous Assembly Magic, discover our turn-based card games. You will find a new amazing world of spells, attacks, and defenses.