Adventure games give you the possibility to travel through incredible universes. Play online at our free adventure games and make great journeys. You can also become part of an amazing story. Whether you’re trying to become a hero and save the day or just survive whatever pickle you’ve found yourself in, our adventure category makes this easy, fun and free! If you’re looking for an epic tale of courage or just a chance to test your skills against malicious enemies, then we’ve got plenty of great adventure games to choose from!

A story begins and suddenly, everything gets complicated… Your hero is going to live an adventure in which the turn will be exceptional. It will take a certain time to be brave because he needs you to complete his quest, explore dungeons, fight monsters or still gain experience. Unlike action games, seeking your reflexes, adventure games will appeal to your neurons. They are based on research and exploration, the dialogues, the puzzle solving, and a scenario with which you can interact.

In Greedy Sheriffs, guide the sheriffs to collect all the diamonds. There may be several diamonds and different colors on some levels. Thus, you will find some sheriffs wearing cloth of the same color as these diamonds. An orange sheriff must collect an orange diamond. The number of steps to collect all the diamonds is limited. You can earn up to 3 stars by collecting all diamonds in a level and you make more money if you move the sheriffs with fewer steps. The game offers some surprises, such as mobile platforms, vortices, paths that crumble and a few thugs, but that’s the whole point of the game! And when you find by yourself all these gadgets on the same platform, you’ll want to consider before moving forward.

With the game Submarine Dash, it’s time to show that you’re a great captain for a submarine. Collect the gold coins scattered at the bottom of the ocean and avoid hitting the rocks to prevent your machine from sinking. Customize your submarine by purchasing superpowers. However, you have to have enough money to be able to offer more performance. Also dodging enemy rockets and use your super powers to get around obstacles. Your ultimate goal is to transform your small submarine into a high-performance machine.

There is a lot of underground wealth that has not yet been extracted on Earth in Pick Crafter. The miners know and one of them just found the perfect place to dig. He’s going to get out of the ground various gems and precious metals to melt and create objects or weapons. In this type of adventure game, you will need to use a pickax to dig the Earth. The goal is to recruit men or creatures to help you. And, you will become the richest miner in the country. Try to unlock all the improvements proposed by the game, even the more costly. Your tenacity will pay and you will be rewarded for your hard work!

According to an ancient legend, some carpet would be magic and hide secrets… Discover the Secrets of the Carpets game and heat your neurons in a friendly game. The main objective of this game is to get your hands on the diamonds hidden in each of the many levels. To do this, you’ll have to tweak it and find how to evict them from their hiding place… Using your mouse, roll the carpet in the sense that you think it’s the most sensible, below hide keys, magic wands, and the stars too… everything you can use to find the gems. Keys, of course, open chests containing the treasure: lead them up to the lock. The magic wands are served to remove bulky items. Beware of the monster treasure guardian!

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