If you like games in which thinking is key, you’ll love puzzle games. Messing with your brain and be smart. Regardless of the number of pieces and the drawing it represents, with a little patience, you’ll get to the end! The principle of puzzle games is simple. Assemble the parts one after the other in order to complete the image. The thematic is numerous and everyone will find their happiness. Patience and self-control are key to finish these puzzles. Complete them with minimum time!

In 2020 Connect, move the figures and numbers to merge by a group of 4 at least! In this new math and puzzle game, you have to choose where to place your tiles, all this in order to groups of at least 4 tiles of the same color and with the same value. If you manage to do this, your tiles will merge and this will free up space in the grid. Be careful, because if the grid is completely full, you have to start over. Have a good time!

Discover Gem Crush, beautiful colored gems you will find in this puzzle game which has the power to transform themselves. Combines different precious stones and make the indicated number of gems to achieve the goal. If you’re a fan of puzzle games and you like this challenge, so here’s a game that will be perfect for you. In the game Gem crush, you’ll enjoy aligning gems of all colors. Here, the mission is to design a number of gems by combining precious stones. Bring together the stones by forming a group of at least 3 stones of the same color to create another type of gem. Keep playing until the goal is reached.

Do you like Tetris games? With Tetra, you’ll definitely love this online version of the famous Tetris. The game is easy but requires only your speed. The objective is to place shapes to form horizontal lines which will then disappear. Your goal is to ask at the appropriate place the brick blocks to form horizontal lines. Bricks have different colors, but you don’t necessarily need to align the bricks of the same color. You win points and gold coins on each trained segment. Parts allow you to resume a game failed with deleted lines. There is no number of lines to achieve in the game yet, be careful because the descent of the forms is accelerating progressively.

Another great puzzle game is Woblox. This game will allow you to heat your brain a little. You will have time to find the right strategy to solve little puzzles: a piece of wood out of the board game. In this game, your main goal is to take out the piece of green wood to the board game. To do this, you will have to use your gray matter to move other pieces of wood that stand in the way. To get the maximum score, you have to find the right strategy as quickly as possible, with the least amount of moves you can do. Concentrate and think about it! You’ll succeed at all levels!

Puzzle games are the perfect games for those who love to play games and puzzle games. With these puzzle games, you will need some degree of patience… The puzzles we offer here are online board games where you have to observe and think. Access to the site is free and allows you to play free puzzles online. Have fun to rebuild photos of sports, movie stars, animals, cars, artwork, monument and all kinds of objects. All you have to do is make your choice!