Welcome to the world of bubbles that is waiting for your shots to explode. Assemble the bubbles to form a series of three or more bubbles of the same color. Use all your skills to aim at the bubbles and finish the game with success. To form a group, you have to aim at the bubbles of the same color as the ball is in your possession. Make sure all the bubbles do not reach the bottom of your playing area otherwise it will be the end of the game. We wish you a lot of fun popping all the bubbles with our bubble shooter games.

Orange Bubbles is a bubble shooter game as you can imagine! Here, the goal is simple: you must retrieve the orange hiding among the bubbles in order to reach the next level. Your mission may seem simple, but you will need to successfully retrieve the fruit before you get overwhelmed by the bubbles! To play this game as in all good bubble shooter games, use your competencies to aim and launch your bubble. Once assembled by a minimum of 3 identical colors, the bubbles will burst. Quickly locate the orange one to liberate other bubbles in order to reach your goal faster.

Bubble Spirit is still a new variant of the classic bubble shooter game that will quickly make you addicted thanks to its many levels! The basic rules are unchanged: a bubble to launch, cascades of colored bubbles and a goal! In each of the levels that Bubble Spirit offers you, you will have a score set at the beginning of the level which has to be achieved quickly. To do this, use your mouse to aim and launch the bubbles at the bottom of the screen: you must gather a minimum of 3 bubbles of the same color so that they burst and disappear from the game screen.

Kitty Bubbles is a bubble shooter too cute in which you must help a cat to clean up his mess. Eliminate all balls of wool from your screen and align at least 3 of the same color. This small and very playful cat has developed quite a battle with all these balls of wool! He’s going to need help to put everything in order. This cute bubble shooter game will allow you to test your skills! Include at least 3 balls of wool of the same color to make them disappear. More you play one game after another, more you get points. Have fun with this adorable game!

Bubble Shooter fans cannot miss the Bubble Academy, an excellent bubble game also available on mobile phones. Play with the magic bubbles of this game and share with us your impressions! Explore 10 worlds of this vibrant game. To move from one level to the next, you need to solve a puzzle: you must form groups with a minimum of 3 bubbles of the same color by sending bubbles with your cannon and your mouse. Bubbles can bounce on walls to reach unattainable areas by a direct hit and it will be useful to eliminate special bubbles like those held by large roots. Of course, you should not forget to collect the stars in each level.

Bubble shooter games are the most played games on FreeGamesOnTheWeb.com and there are lots of variants! Through this page of bubble shooter games, you can find all existing versions of the famous bubble online game. And even if there are many variants, the goal is always the same: launch a bubble with a cannon to destroy identical bubbles. No doubt, you will necessarily find the game you need among these bubble games. Bubble shooter games are available for free online and require no registration or download.