Typically, in platform games skills are important because you have to control the movement of your pet or character. Donkey Kong was one of the first games of this category but is also found other classics such as Mario, Kirby, Rayman, or Sonic. Keep your balance when platforms are moving and enemies are coming. Sometimes collect objects which allow you to go higher, as for example in the famous Jumping Rabbit! No more easy games where you could just make a simple jump. Now you can do double jumps and sometimes even levitate before falling back.

You finally escaped from your dungeon; it’s time to leave this country! Key & Shield is a great platform game in which you control a small creature helping with his shield to move forward. Will you collect gold coins, you’re facing some enemies and you avoid the many pitfalls that have been laid for you. Use your shield to glide through the air and thus far more than a simple jump. Good luck to all!

The creatures do not agree, it is time for you to get rid of creatures annoying you. In this HTML5 platform game, you have to tweak and edit creatures as many times as necessary, only the kind creatures remain in the game. Interacting with one of these colorful beings to make them get fat, passing it round to square, and much more. You will see that the battle has only just begun, and it is who will be the smartest who will win. Have a good time!

Your little green monster could well eat some fruit, help him to jump on the platforms and to fill his belly! In this platform game, your hero will run alone, and the only thing you have to do is to jump at the right time, so it catches the fruits. Bounce on the walls and also collect the blue diamond, before joining the exit door. Levels will become more and more complicated, with many pitfalls to avoid. Are you ready to overcome all the challenges?

Greedy Rabbit is a game that will allow you to test the quickness of your reflexes! Run this little rabbit on an empty stomach on several levels and nibbling all the vegetables you see! What will be your biggest score? Play fast to find out. This rabbit is hungry and he counts on you to help him to nibble on a maximum of vegetables as soon as possible! Through the levels and find a way to collect all the stars and the vegetables available on your game screen. In order to finish the level go towards the bright blue circle. Try to achieve the biggest score!

Platform games are fun to play. Here you can find dozens of games. Be sure to reach your goal in a minimum of time. The principle of platform games is simple. You are a character and you must move forward in a 2D universe of paintings. Often popular on console, you will find free games on FreeGamesOnTheWeb.com. You will find highly stylized universe or on the contrary very minimalist games. Make sure to complete your mission to pass levels with success.