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Are you as good as you think in calculation? To know if it’s true, come try this educational game Freaking Math. Use your knowledge to indicate if the results of the proposed activities are good or bad. Make a quick assessment of your level in mathematics in this nice math game based on calculations. The goal is very simple: based on your knowledge of math, you must be able to validate each answer before the end of the specified time. Gain one point for each correct answer found. Be careful, the game ends as soon as you indicate a wrong answer.

We always believe that the operation 1 plus 2 is 3 and math is easy. Yet, this isn’t the case when you play 1+2=3. How many operations can you do within a specified time? Play for free online to find out. Your goal is to achieve the maximum operations with the numbers 1, 2 and 3. You have a limited time to perform each operation, and the game ends if you don’t give the right answer in the imposed deadline. Each correct answer gives you 1 point to the score. There are also some completions to perform in the game to have medals, like playing the game 100 times or even performing 350 operations. The game saves your best score so you could try to increase your score at any time.

To pass in upper class, Matt must make 132 types of operation! In addition, there is a stopwatch to complete each operation. Play for free at Matt vs Math online and take his place to make him pass! Your goal is to correctly perform the operations which are offered to you. There are 132 levels in the game and the number of operations must be performed depending on one level to another. You can earn up to 3 stars if you carry out correctly and quickly all operations on a level. There is a time limit to perform an operation. This depends on the level played. The result of all of these 132 operations must always be equal to 1, 2 or 3 then the operation should be repeated quickly if you find a 5 or a 0!

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