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What would be racing games without car games? These games are classics and some are truly legendary. All the cars are lined up in front of the starting point and await pistol shot for speeding up to reach maximum speed. You must negotiate turns, anticipate the circuit shape, collect bonuses, and exceed, one by one, each of the competitors. In Drift Race, you are at the steering wheel. Are you going to manage and finish first in this race? Drift Race is a game of speed thrills, in which you have to drive your car and make sure it completes the circuit before its competitors. You should be able to negotiate the turns, which will be far from easy. If you go into an obstacle, you will waste time, so choose the right vehicle. Other participants won’t do any favors, so hang in there!

Watching a motorcycle race is really impressive because you can see the drivers lean until almost grazing the ground with their arms or their legs. Enjoying them is even better! How about a small series of motorcycle races? With Bike Racing you will be able to prove that you are a great champion! Once again, you have to go after different tracks on your motorcycle. It will take you through dips, bumps, and all this with a maximum of time in the air, and without losing your balance. Falling will be fatal. Use your accelerations during the game. Become a true motorcycle champion!

After you are trained with cars, you can drive different types of vehicles: Monster Trucks! These racing cars are very impressive. They are massive and powerful, but can also lose balance on rough terrain too. You have to win races while driving Monster Trucks and finish in first place if you can. In Truck Trials, you can drive 6 different Monster Trucks through 20 levels, different monsters to 4 wheels to unlock throughout the game with a new all three levels. Drive the vehicle with the arrow keys of the keyboard and try to cross the finish line as quickly as possible. Good luck to all and have fun!

It is not always easy to park a car in a parking lot, especially if the place is very narrow. In Park Your Car, you have to show that you master driving techniques to properly park in a parking lot. In this HTML5 game, your mission is to park your car in a more or less narrow space in a few minutes only. Be careful, your path is filled with obstacles. Avoid hitting them so that your car can stay in good condition. Know that you must be fast because your time is running out. Try to take the right path to park your car in the right position. So show you’re a skilled driver.

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