There is nothing like a great classic game. From the simple brick-breaker for great exciting adventures alongside the famous characters through racing motorcycles and cars, they are all there. Entertainment is surely guaranteed. Mega Man, Bomberman, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Arkanoid or King Of Fighters… If these names evoke something for you, then your culture of video games is perfect. But it also means that you’re here at home. All the classics are here together to offer you unforgettable moments to break bricks, popping bubbles, catching bad guys or even saving small funny animals.

Some video game invented in the 70s and 80s continue to appeal to players, we can think of Pong, Mario or even Tetris. Breakout games are also very well known, the principle is relatively simple to understand: several lines of bricks are aligned at the top of the screen, you must destroy them all by using one or more balls. You control a bar that you can only move on a horizontal axis at the bottom of the screen with the arrow keys. Hit the ball and keep it from crossing that line! Can you catch the ball once it reaches a certain speed? Here is the difficulty of this game. Have a good time!

You certainly played Pinball. The principle of this game is known to all. You score points by pointing one or more marbles on a board game. Your main goal is to achieve the largest possible score. Tap and hold the launcher, then release to put the ball in the game! Once it’s on the board, it will go in all directions based on contacts with the different elements. Press the left or right of your screen to activate the corresponding levers, these allow you to influence the trajectory of the ball! You have the right to three errors, stay focused and try to beat your own records as well as those of your friends!

You see all these blocks coming at you? You’re going to have to eliminate them progressively to stay in the game! Power Block is a classic game, in which you have to know how to aim if you do not want to lose the game. It will take you to send blocks to the right places to form complete lines and thus remove the blocks so that they do not reach you. If you have the misfortune to not remove the blocks fast enough, you will have to start over because you will lose the game. Good luck!

Are you a fan of mobile games where you spend a good time in front of your game screen? Don’t wait for a second more to discover Goldminer. Come quickly to try Goldminer, a fun mobile game playable for free on The rules of the game are simple. You have to collect a maximum of gold using your pliers and comfortably installed on your wagon. Play the Gold Digger, to throw a grappling hook to bring gold nuggets. The bigger they are, the more you earn money, and more you take advance for the following rounds.

Classic games on are easily played. There is a collection of card games, Tetris games, bubble shooter, board games, match 3 and much more! Among this collection of the best free games, you will find so many games than action games. Pac – Man and his friend Pac Xon are also part, the game of solitaire and the Uno. Our multiplayer games such as checkers and chess, complement our selection. Classic games are the best-known and most played games on, for the majority, and we know that you enjoy them!