What year the first game Mario was released? Who is the creator of the first video game console? How heavy is a coin? Why is the sky blue? Can you answer all these questions? You guessed it; here we talk about quiz games! If you want to put your knowledge to the test and learn new things, so try a quiz game to see how far you can go. There are quizzes on various topics, with more or less questions. To answer everything, you need to be a real expert.

In Flags Trivia, it’s the time to prove that you are an expert on world flags! Identify flags of Asia, Africa, Europe or America. You will surely recognize some well-known flags without penalty, but do you know the flag of Bahamas or Nicaragua? It is a quiz with 4 answers every time. Choose the one you want and press it with your finger. You will know immediately whether you have chosen the correct answer. There are hundreds of flags to identify. You will have hours of fun ahead of you! Good luck!

In Quiz Story, we mixed the games and their titles. It’s your mission to find all the right answers! In this quiz, you can attempt to answer 7 sets of questions. Each correct answer will bring you points, and ultimately money. This money will help you buy the following questionnaires, and thus unlock the rest of the game. If you do not respond correctly to enough questions, you will have to start over a questionnaire and try to improve yourself to get more money. Will you be able to recognize Skyrim, Call Of Duty, Diablo III, Uncharted, Mario Kart and others?

Test your knowledge in Quiz Animals identifying them through photos! In this nice quiz game for kids, you will be able to check whether or not you know the animals. Your goal is to answer each question by selecting the good name of animal among the proposed 4. If you find the right answer, you’ll get the money. At the end of a level, you can unlock the following only if you got enough money. Focus and identify immediately the cows, pigs, panthers, geese and many other animals in the game. Can you find all the answers? Good luck!

Identify software and web browsers by answering questions in this new Quiz Story! In this new quiz game, you need to identify more than a hundred softwares by recognizing them with their logos. Acknowledge for example Firefox, Adobe Illustrator, Netscape, Paint Net, Windows Media Player, and many others. If you want to unlock all questionnaires, you must answer correctly and win enough money to buy them. Be quick and don’t be mistaken!

Thanks to these quiz games, you will test your general knowledge and play music quizzes with friends! A quiz is like a board game which the principle is simple, answering questions, often in a limited time. Test your knowledge in a variety of games: musical quizzes, geography games, but also games of images. And let’s not forget a great classic, the game true or false? The big quiz! Using your memory will appeal to those interested in quiz games.