If you like games that require concentration and all your intelligence, skill games are made for you. The skill games category contains many games and always comes to logic. Playing games such as 2048 to move numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, etc, until you reach the famous figure 2048. It is also a question of moving blocks like a puzzle in order to leave a pathway for a ball or another form. Other games are composed of levels, which are generally more complex. You have the ability to conduct the best strategy to achieve the outcome, asked at the beginning!

If you are looking for originality among games needing accuracy and reactions, Color pine is the one that’s right for you. Indeed, in this game, it’s about launching a needle on a moving target, and it won’t be easy. Watch the game screen: below is the list of your projectiles which are actually color needles, and these needles should be launched and planted in the circular target at the center with the mouse. The latter present colored parts in which, you guess it, you must send the needles in the same color box. Attention however, the top of these needles should not come into contact with each other, otherwise the level is lost.

Are you looking for a fun little game to pass the time? So try Stack Tower Classic! Build the highest tower ever build by clicking quickly on the blocks that pass! Stack Tower Classic is a construction and skill game in which you must click quickly on the blocks that appear on your screen to place on your tower. When you get to place a block, your tower begins to grow. If you put it too quickly, your next block will be smaller and it will be harder to build your tower. Focus on the right time and go for it!

Ojello is a skill game that will really need your best competencies to be played! If the first puzzles may seem super easy to solve, moving forward in the game is not so simple that you might expect. And with 118 levels proposed, the game should keep entertained you for a good while! The aim of the game is to collect orbs that are inlaid with jelly pieces. To achieve this result, it is sufficient that each orb is separated from the others. Cut the jelly using your mouse. Watch out, the number of movements is limited, so you have to think what to cut to and separate the orbs!

Pirates of Islets is a game of agility that will appeal to your accuracy. Aim well in order to help the pirate win a big jackpot! Unlock all bonus game and all the characters! Pirates Of Islets take you into the wonderful world of pirates! Help the captain to collect a maximum of coins and treasures in order to unlock a new bonus, landscapes or characters! Be specific in your paths to avoid the bombs that will lose life to your character. Beat your records and become a rich pirate!

Patient players and keen strategists welcome on the skill games category! Classified according to various themes, here you will find all the games that require a minimum of concentration or who really do work the neurons! Take your time to think. If you’re not patient, these aren’t stressful games that will calm you down. If your head starts to smoke, it means to move to another type of game, a game that won’t cause overheating in the head. After, the good thing about this selection of skill games is that they allow you to test your limits. Have fun with our skill games!