Match 3

There are all types of match 3 games, but the principle remains generally the same regardless of the game. They are always excellent free online games and are often very addictive. Match 3 games are classic games in which you face a grid that you must empty. The principle is the following: you must exchange two elements, or move a row or column, to line up at least three of the same type to remove from the board. Fortunately, these games are not confined to the gems: there is also some candy with Candy Crush, balloons or Easter eggs.

Play Dots Mania online and use your speed and your visual acuity to win. This game is to connect 2 or more dots of the same color to make them disappear. Your goal is to connect at least 2 points the same color either during the time or by using the limited moves in number. Only the aligned points can be connected but not points diagonally. You have the choice to play against the time mode, the mode with limited movement and infinite mode. By connecting points, you win cups which you can buy bonuses as increase the number of authorized movements or even remove a point. You win more cups if you connect a large number of points.

The Smarty Bubbles is a game which can be played on your Smartphone. It is also a festive and winter version of the famous Bubble Shooter mobile version game. Here the Christmas balls are in the spotlight! Using your finger, send the bottom Christmas balls on the same color balls at the top: the goal here is to clear the board to its maximum and to consolidate the balls by 3 of the same color, they will then remove by themselves. Note that the most effective is to remove balls from the root, beginning therefore on the top of the board, the balls not attached will be automatically eliminated.

Fruita Swipe 2 is a great match 3 game where you have to combine a whole bunch of very gourmet fruit! 100 new levels in different worlds are waiting for you, then don’t waste a second. Gather as many fruits as you can to successfully achieve the objectives and collect the 3 bonus stars. Don’t forget, longer the chain of fruits will be, the more you win points. Can you pass all the levels successfully?

Quickly try Bejeweled Blitz, the famous match 3 game for the whole family. If your brain needs exercise, you’re in the right place! You have in front of you a game to test absolutely! Play for free on! In Bejeweled Blitz you must aim to match the gems. Make a minimum vertical or horizontal three stones line to clear them from the board. You have sixty seconds, and the ability to switch the gems place. Do your best to score as many points as possible before the end of the countdown. And finally, use the special gems wisely to boost your score!

Match 3 games will heat your brain, or even do overheat it who knows. Within these games, you have to combine shapes, symbols, or colors, in order to make them disappear. In general, you should score points and for this, make the most of the possible combinations in a minimum of time. Combos will help you score extra points and bonuses. Among match 3 games, the famous Bejeweled is a fun game in which you must line up at least 3 identical symbols.