This traditional Chinese game is just exciting! In this category, you will find different kinds of games, from the simplest to the most fun. Then sharpen your talent as a strategist and observer and try the most attracting Mahjong games. The rule of the game is simple: you’re faced with dominos in different patterns, and you need to group them into pairs until there are no more a single. The challenge is more or less feasible depending on the games. So, you can choose according to your level, but also according to your areas of interest. There are mahjong games on many kinds of theme like sport, the Simpsons, dogs or pirates, dinosaurs, Egypt, etc. Find the one which fits you best.

To play our mahjong games, you will need only your mouse. Click on the similar figures to make them disappear from the playing area. Whatever your taste, our wide selection of games will offer you hours of relaxation. Thus, brings together similar butterfly wings in Butterfly Kyodai to see them fly off gracefully. Don’t go head down and think carefully about your moves before you play. For fun with more animals, try Animals Connect, our puzzle game consisting of figurines all cuter than the others! Most of the time, the rules are the same, and you’ll find your bearings in a few seconds.

Try mahjong games by playing Mahjong-Jong, a relaxing game and which is going to make your brain work! In this traditional and relaxing version of the base game, you can simply remove the game tiles, combining them in pairs. Thus, you can progress by seeing the tray emptied gradually. You will need to be careful, to avoid getting stuck during the game, unable to take an action to move forward. There are several levels available, with each time different tiles available. Have a good time!

Time Mahjong is not a Mahjong like others. The goal is the same: clear the entire tray by combining similar dominoes in pairs. You have here an additional difficulty: time! You don’t have a second to lose! The graphics in the game are there to remind you: the classic Chinese symbols are replaced by watches and clocks of all kinds. Bonuses will save you a little time for the rest of the game, but you must still be able to speed. This game is a score game: try to reach the top of the rankings!

Have you ever thought to play mahjong with fruit? In Fruit Flip Mahjong, you will discover an original Mahjong. The rules change compared to usual rules. Combine 2 identical tiles will make them disappear, but only the second time. Indeed, each tile must be intervened in a first combination before you can actually make it disappear. You need to strengthen your efforts to completely clear the tray of all the decorated tiles with fruit. Pay attention to the time which is limited. Score the maximum points by associating the good tiles!

Be entertained for free with mahjong games offered by In this classic category among games, your mission is to bring together the tiles in pairs to make them disappear from the board. Find famous people such as the Simpsons or the Looney Tunes through various titles offered to you. Use your observation and logic powers to finish all mahjong games! According to the degree of difficulty of your choice, your time or your movements can be limited. In addition, offers you to have fun for free and without downloading! Wait no more and quickly start a game!