If you like to play with words, vocabulary, and language you will enjoy the following word games. Test your knowledge of English, create new words and challenge your friends to see who is the most intelligent. Scrabble, Boggle and some others are among the most popular word games. You will find variations of these games on FreeGamesOnTheWeb.com. Create words with a selection of letters and find the longest word to qualify for the bonus! Starting from existing words to form others? Mix the words and have fun. Finally, conventional crosswords are also available to test your general knowledge. Challenge your friends or players from around the world. Strengthen your knowledge and have fun!

Text Twist 2 is for all players used to the multiplayer games of letters as the Text FunFair and the recess to letters, or who know certain televised games such as Motus. This is a game that may make you addicted because it’s a joy to play games of this type! You will get 6 letters that will allow you to compose words. Also, an empty grid will appear, showing you a number of possibilities. Find the words that use the letters of your game and complete the grid: you can click on each letter with the mouse, or just type the letters directly from the keyboard. Even if you find the majority of the words in the grid, the only way to get to the next level is to discover a 6 letter word (which uses all of your letters). Don’t waste time, every second is precious, you do not have more than 2 minutes…

On this page, you’ll play 7 Words game, one of our best free mobile games! The words are at the heart of a puzzle which is conducted in English and demands attention! Think and solve complex puzzles to discover the popular themes! At the top of the game, 7 clues and 7 words are set out. Selects the syllables at the bottom of the page and reconstructs the answers!

It’s not an easy task to find words in a grid with letters in a mess! Yet, you get to do when you play Word Search. Can you find all the words? Play for free online to find out. The game is a long list of words and phrases. Your goal is to find these words and groups of words on the grid. The words to find can be placed vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally on the grid and they can be read left to right or from right to left. Use your visual acuity when you’re looking for the words on the board because it happens that words intersect with each other. Have fun!

On this page, you’re going to play the game Word Bird, one of our best reflection mobile games for free! The words are at the heart of a puzzle and solving it requires many qualities! Show attention, observation, and patience to become a champion of words involved! Letters of the alphabet are represented in the center of the page: look carefully at the words in English listed at the bottom of the game and look for them through the central grid and then highlights them horizontally, vertically or diagonally to reveal them. Choose your theme and start playing!

A friend of words, this topic will please you. You will find board games or puzzle games in which you compose or discover words using letters. If you’re not traumatized by the English language and mix letters does not scare you, you will probably find your happiness. And letters don’t rhyme with boredom. There are even strategies or action games based on letters. Create words, be quick, and more you play these games, better you will write.