You like to put in place strategies to achieve your goals, so the following games are perfect for you. Think about it before you start. Come meet all the challenges and complete the various missions of strategy games. Who says strategy also says thinking. Need to heat your brain to think about all the details which could bypass the application of your plans to win brilliant victories. The storyline of the game is very realistic with people known on Earth, purely fantasy on another planet or crazy with for example pigs against chickens; the rule will remain the same. Concentrate, anticipate and never forget the best way to win is to think handily.

Airport Empire is a new simulation game. You do not manage a restaurant or a hotel, but an airport! At the beginning of the game, a tutorial is available to explain to you how to play. In fact, you must complete objectives every day to have the possibility to advance in the game. Look at how many people of each color want to go into a city and put them on the same plane. When it is full, do take off and send it to the desired city. Then, try again with another plane. The more you earn, the more you can buy improvements in store between 2 levels. Become the master of air transport in the city!

With Train Tycoon, you can have fun organizing strategies, by pulling on your opponents… Calculate and protect your outposts. This game guarantees long moments of entertainment for those who like thinking games! Put your logic to the test in this Train Tycoon game! Improvise you regulating rail and make sure the train race goes without problems.

Are you looking for a good strategy game? You’ll definitely love this Neon Checkers game looking at a neon-illuminated table. The game is available for free online. Your goal is to capture all of your opponent’s pieces. The tour passes alternately. A piece can only move in diagonal, and cannot move backwards. Neither you nor your opponent cannot move a piece which has been captured. Each game has 24 pieces at the beginning; if a play happens in the last line of the opponent, it becomes a lady. The lady has the privilege of being a step backward and can capture a piece, even by moving backward.

The farmer’s life is not easy and you’ll quickly realize through this strategy game. In My Little Farm, roll up your sleeves, take your shovel and plant as many vegetables and grains you can! Your farm is your only source of income; you can’t rush through your work. Plant corn or daisies, go milk your cows, collect your honey. Don’t worry all activities deserves an income! Every day, different orders will be passed, and to receive the payment from your customer, you will need to produce all the things requested before the end of the time limit. Your character must run left and right so that everything can be done in time, and even go to the store to buy some supplies! Have a good time!

Strategy games are part of the most popular free games on the Internet. Your character evolves, protect its territory and even attack a dungeon. Choose your quest and use the best tactics to advance further in the game! The purpose of strategy games is to defeat your opponent, protect your kingdom or solve puzzles. To do this, you’ll have to use your intelligence, your memory as well as a good sense of logic. Also, collect the various equipment and items offered in the game to make your character even more powerful.