You are tired of these games that make you running non-stop from one level to the other, braving numerous obstacles, fighting more ferocious enemies than others, winning great prizes of virtual Formula 1 or even managing shopping malls? Do you want to ask for something more peaceful? Have fun with a few hidden object games! With the various games of the hidden object in this category, you will be served! Sharpen your eye by finding and combining elements of the scenery to escape from a zoo in which you will have been locked up, explore a castle looking for hidden treasures. Large or small, come and find your happiness!

If you want to improve your farm, you have to find money to buy what you need. In this hidden object game, you must search for many junks crammed into a farm. Find unusual items such as hats, shovels, guitars, lipsticks, fire extinguishers and other things. You can if you want to buy some clues, but it will sacrifice a part of the budget which you will allocate to the buildings on the farm. Make the right choices and complete the levels before the end of the allotted time!

Looking for a whole bunch of more or less unique objects in the Apothecarium game! You are going to need to be very observant, because many items are hidden in this intriguing scenery, and you have to find them all. The names of the objects you are looking for is at the bottom of your screen. You have to carefully observe the settings of the 6 levels of the game and the objects which are there. Time is limited to find the requested objects. If you are too slow, you will have to restart the level from the beginning. Good luck!

Welcome to the Merry Township! Objects were hidden in the city; find them before the end of the time limit and you will earn points! A chair, a helicopter, gold coins, a car… You can certainly imagine some of these objects will be harder to find than others. This is why you will not always have the same time limit, and they will bring you all the same number of points. However, one thing remains constant throughout the game: if you are fast, your score will increase. You can access the following level once you’ve reached a certain score. Analyze the level details; scan the roads and gardens of this city to find the hidden objects!

You inherited a great mansion! It’s in a bad condition and you must find a way to renovate it. Looking for valuable items located in the mansion to get money that will be used to fix it. The Hiddentastic mansion game is playable online on your Smartphone for free. Excellent news! Emma has just acquired the house of her dreams. As the place is a mess, she needs money to do the repairs. Fortunately, the house is full of objects of all kinds she can sell for a good price. In this game fun Hiddenstastic mansion, the goal is to find hidden objects which are hidden in the mansion to win money. You can use the money you earned to completely renovate your mansion. It’s your turn to play!

With the hidden object games, put your sense of observation and patience to the test. Look carefully at the scenery of these free games and you’ll find hidden objects. Most of these games require patience. You will be in a real story that will take you on an adventure. Hidden object games are also games to find letters or numbers. Difference games are also very good hidden object games since you have to focus on images and find some details. Good luck!