You can call the essential because almost everyone has played one day or the other. These are the arcade games category, who conquered the hearts of all, children like adults. Previously considered as public games, today these games have diversified and their arrival in the flash and HTML5 games market has been a huge success. Once they were found in public places such as amusement parks, malls, restaurants or bars, they attracted more and more people. Later with the advent of gaming consoles, arcade games had left public places and later many versions of flash and HTML5 games were created and it was the decline of arcade games in public places.

Fishing Frenzy is a mobile arcade game where you will take place on a boat with an apprentice fisherman, and is up to you to catch the most fish. Here is a game of patience: once in your little boat, move it with the arrow keys, then don’t waste time to put your line in the water, time is running out! Use the down key to plunge your hook and release the button so it goes back, dragging with it the fish in its path: the fish will allow you to collect points. Don’t let the bonus disappear; collect them with your boat. However, you must be very careful about the sharks as they will give you a hard time!

Match Dash is a fun game to play. You must put different shapes into the corresponding holes. Put each shape inside the holes indicated by choosing a perfect timing to get to each level. Your accuracy and your speed will be strained to clear all the levels of this fun and exciting Match Dash arcade game. In this game, forms such as suns, stars, and other are turning inside a drive. Your mission is to target the holes to place the corresponding forms. Show a good sense of rhythm and a high coordination to different forms in the holes located in the disc. The rotation will be quick, so we hope you have good reflexes. Have a good time!

The game In and Out will ask you good reflexes, precision and a certain sense of observation: this is a game which can quickly become a real ordeal for players with no patience… The principle is not very complicated: you control a creature with the appearance of an Octopus which is inside a bubble, and it runs continuously, following the line. When you click with your mouse, the Octopus goes out of the bubble and continues its way outdoors. A new click and he’s back in the bubble. The goal is to collect all of the gems located both inside and outside the bubble and then to join the green bubble that will be your way out to the next level. The game includes many levels, so don’t be in a hurry to get to the end!

Use a slingshot to send a piece of candy in the air and thus collide with others! Candy SlingShot is a launch game in which your goal is to touch candies and then collect the stars that they will leave behind them by disappearing. If you do not get these stars fast enough, they will vanish and you will lose the game. Get the stars, until it’s too late and you don’t have to start over. There will be more and more candies to touch as the game progresses. Good luck!

The popularity of arcade games is probably due to their principle of basic use. They allow stimulating reflection and anticipation and can be played alone or in a group. Even if the principle remained simple, in a new generation of arcade games, the difficulties have been increased and the challenge became more exciting. The arcade game gave a second life to games already in decline. By the creation of new games such as Candy Crush, Flash Pacman or Quad, player’s interest increased to arcade games. You can play for free at our games on Choose the arcade game that you’re passionate about and spend pleasant moments.