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Take the time to do some work with your brain with a thinking and juggling game with figures. It is now your sense of observation and logic that will serve you. Online, you can access the HTML5 Sudoku Blitz game for free without having to download it. This game is identical to the classic Sudoku, but Sudoku Blitz is also a puzzle game. The figures that will serve you to fill the missing fields will fall from the top of your screen and you will have to put them in the right place. Each vertical and horizontal line must be filled with the numbers from 1 to 9. Attention, a number must be included on the line only once. Do not take into account diagonal lines.

Tap all the black tiles that you will see, but especially do not type on a white tile in Tap The Black Tile! In this speed game, you will take aim and touch only the black tiles. Some will remain displayed until you touch them, but others will disappear after a certain number of seconds or just when you type enough times on them. Don’t be mistaken, because one mistake could be fatal. Good luck!

Maki is at the heart of an amazing battle and to win it requires good control! Show of anticipation and ingenuity to defeat your hard opponent! Your rival has red and green Maki’s: selects a rose flower in order to move one of your foods and position it on a colored box. Creating complete columns of red Maki to earn points then respond to your enemy and win the duel!

Sweet Sorter is a board game that will ask you a lot of agility and speed. Different sweets are coming on the conveyor belts, you will have to sort them out and make them land in good boxes. For example, red candy should be on the first strip, the greens ones on the second. If this isn’t the case, tap the candy with your finger to move them and then select band where it should be! Stay focused and don’t lose anything in view, your objective is to fill a maximum of cards without making a mistake. As you progress through the game, other belts will appear and they will be faster. Try to reach the highest possible level, but be careful, you are entitled to three errors!

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