Mind games will make you work your sense of logic and reflection. But it’s so good to focus on a mind game. Your favorite game will definitely end up in this category. All these games are apparently very simple but will offer you some difficulties. They will increase as you reach the next levels. Yes, your head will smoke! In some of these games, you have to memorize a sequence of numbers or symbols, while in others; you need to collect pairs by turning over successively different cards.

If you liked the movie Minions and you’re a fan of those little yellow characters, then you will really appreciate Minion Lab! Play with your favorite creatures in this mind game very fun in a large laboratory. You will see that in Minion Lab, the goal of the game is very simple. You have to put your minion on the color of the button that matches. To do this, you have to use movements that will be counted so think about it! Not all the various puzzles you will meet are obvious. You have several levels in the game waiting for you! Are you able to succeed at all levels? Be prepared for hours of entertainment!

Text Twist 2 is a game which will probably make you addicted because it is so fun to play at this type of game! You will get 6 letters that will allow you to compose words. Also, an empty grid will appear, showing you the different possibilities. Find the words that use the letters of your game and complete the grid. You can click on each letter in order, or just type the letters directly on the screen. Even if you find the majority of the words in the grid, the only way to get to the next level is to discover a 6 letter word. Don’t waste time, every second is precious, you do not have more than 2 minutes.

In Word Search, connect the letters to form words. Once you think you have spelled a complete word, present the word in order to get points. Passing time adds lines, so hurry up before the stack reaches the top. Start making short words and add them, when you feel more comfortable. This game can be played on a computer and on a mobile.

Shape is a mind game available on FreeGamesOnTheWeb.com. You are going to perform operations with figures in this game. What happens if we subtract a circle to a square? We get a square with a round hole on the inside. This is exactly the principle of the game Shape. Look carefully at the operation given at the top of the screen. Then find the right answer among those proposed below, but beware you can only spare a few seconds to decide and no mistakes are allowed! Of course, the operations will become more and more complicated over the game and many more proposals will come.

Are you ready to use your neurons? Mind games use abstract mechanisms where chance is not involved. Solve puzzles and numbers or play classic games such as chess or checkers. You will have to invest 100 percent in these games if you want to finish them. In general, their difficulty increases until becoming sometimes extreme. You will have to assemble parts, remove platforms, cut ropes or break constructions with those mind games.