Action games are cool games to play. You have many different options to play great games full of action. Whether you prefer to drive over obstacles or find your way in dangerous places through deserts and jungles you are at the right place and there is no best place to be. On, all our games are free to play from all web browsers. No matter web browser you use, the games will perfectly work. You will be thrilled to play our action games from 2D to 3D platforms. We ensure your time will be plenty of fun!

If you miss some action in your daily life, we have games for you to enjoy. Here you are in the right spot, the paradise of action games. With Royal Knight’s you will be embarking on a battle between two powerful armies wanting to conquer all of the enemy territories. You’re the head of one of them; you can carry it to victory! More than an action game, it’s a strategy game you can discover. Through 20 proposed levels, you will try to become the greatest Emperor of all time. Each map is different; however, your goal will not change: you must capture all the castles. Send your warriors to invade neutral or enemy areas and be sure that nobody can capture one of your strongholds when you are attacking!

In Monster Hunter, hordes of monsters are close to your castle and you are the only person capable to defend it. It’s armed with your bow and posted on a wall that you will try to eliminate all the enemies. If they manage to reach your fortress walls, they will destroy the walls. You can’t let them do this. Tap your screen to arm your bow and release sooner or later to gauge your firepower. Push these hordes of skeletons, trolls, and other flying animals, and win a maximum of gold coins, they allow you to buy upgrades, magic or repair your castle. You need a lot of precision to get rid of all your attackers! Attention, the first wave arrives, be ready!

In survival games, your character must make sure to stay alive as long as possible. It’s not easy because he is bombarded with projectiles. In Asteroid Blast, hundreds, or even thousands, of asteroids are coming right toward our planet. This natural disaster is likely to claim the lives of millions of people; you are the only one who can stop it! Tap your screen to where you want to launch rockets and blast them all! You will sometimes be able to shoot green mines; their explosions are powerful enough to make disappear all the asteroids that are present on your screen. It’s a question of accuracy! If you reach all your targets and your gauge life grave has zero, the game will be over! Win a maximum of points and try to beat your own records or those of your friends!

By dint of being upset all day, the birds went crazy! In Crazy Birds, you have to use a slingshot to send birds on pigs placed on or inside structures. Your goal is to eliminate all the pigs that are present in the level. As you progress, you will get new birds with special powers: some will explode, others can be divided into three little birds. You can develop many techniques to achieve your goals! Points are awarded based on the number of defeated pigs and damaged structures. You will earn also bonus points for unused birds. Think carefully, just aim and no pig may survive your attacks!

Nothing like action online games to spend time alone or with friends! Between fighting games, shooting games and other war simulations, you have a wide choice of free games to show your power to the players on the Internet. It is worth noting that no download is required to discover the action game you want to try. Every free action game has its own purpose, and it’s up to you to discover what type of game you feel comfortable.

To achieve a good score, try to beat as many enemies and go as far as possible in the game. Several of these action games are drawn from classic games recognized by the community of players on the Internet. You can even in some games share your records and confront your friends or other fans through social media. Moreover, all our games use HTML5 technology in order to make you have fun and be practical to enjoy playing games on every kind of devices. You don’t need to install the games nor need to download them. The most difficult thing to do is to pick a game you like. Have fun and enjoy!